Sherlock Valentines

I love Valentine's Day.  Not for the romance, but for the dinky tangible reminders that someone is thinking of you.  Yes, those magical boxes of perforated friendship valentines picked up in the seasonal grocery aisle are the definition of "the little things in life."  Though I have reluctantly given up Trick or Treating, I still give my friends those cheap valentines, except for the last few years I've designed my own.  They are still tiny.  They are still sealed with a little heart sticker.  However, they can move beyond mainstream nerdery to the niches I fall into such as a love of authors and coloring pages,  Sherlock stories, and anatomical hearts interpreted through Western artworks. 

I'm in the process of making this year's theme, which shall remain mysterious to surprise my friends and colleagues (yes, work folk get them, too), but I can share last year's set inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  

Click on the picture below to see Sherlock, Watson, Adler, and poor Lestrade!

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Set of Four

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