• The desert is my home. 
  • I wear petticoats during the week and overalls on the weekends.  
  • I've made a spreadsheet with all of my board games including optimal number of players.
  • I'll host a party to avoid the small talk. 
  • I'm currently eating radishes my husband picked from the backyard.  With a dash of salt, of course.
  • I got a masters in Raptor Biology.
  • I pick my tea based off the type of novel I'm reading.  Jane Austen would be jasmine, Patrick O'Brian would be oolong.
  • I live with my husband, two cats (Eleanor and Jazz), and one sheltie-corgi (Ginny).

My art...

  • Watercolors are my medium of choice mainly because they force me out of being a perfectionist.
  • Travel journals got me back into art after quite the dry spell.
  • I most often use: Noodler's Konrad flex pen, Faber Castell pens, and (mostly) Winsor and Newton watercolors.  
  • Sometimes I'll mix it up with gouache.  Hoo boy.  Wild child.